Your deck is an extension of your home and must be treated as such. an old, wheather-worn deck decreases the visual appeal of the entire home. Repairing, cleaning, and staining your deck could be pick-me-up your sorely needs. Proper maintenance will bring you many years of happiness and provide the perfect spot for cookouts with family and friends. Maintaining a deck's like-new appearance isn't as easy as many people think. Such maintenance is often put off until major repairs are required. unfortunately , that may be too late for your deck. Wheather sealants and stains only protect for a period of time. Water and the sun begin to damage the wood over time, and the average untreated deck will succumb to rot in just a few short years.

Why all decks need to be cared for:

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Even the perfect surface will fade or become worn over time. Water, dirt, food, pollution, and the elements wreak havoc on your deck every year. Rejuvenate your deck with a good cleaning and pressure washing once a year. Add a sealant to protect the wood and stain it every other year to maintain like new appearance. Wood restoration is an important part of maintaining the beauty of your home. we are very careful to ensure that your deck is transformed from the worst possiblecondition into a focal future of your outdoor entertaining. Deck cleaning often begins with a mild cleaner and a good pressure wash. Pressure washing can damage the wood if it isn't done correctly. Our experience team of Golden Choice Pro Painters is standing by to help restore your deck original beuty.

Outdoor living

Home life doesn't mean you have tto stay indoors! Your deck deserve the same attention as the rest of your home. A properly maintained deck provides additional space for birthdaysparties, hot tub parties, family gatherings, or simply hanging out with friends. A beautiful stained deck with the perfect deck furniture becomes more than just a deck; it transform into a outdoor extension of your home. It's often the perfect spot to watch the sun rise or set, depending on your daily routine, or simply relax and enjoy the benefit of fresh air and nature.

We understand that most homeowners don't have the expertise or the time to maintain or repair their deck. Our professionals Golden Choice Pro Painters will help you maintain the like-new appearance that really capture the attention, and the envy, of your friends and neighbors. if your deck need attention Schedule an estimate by filling out our contact from or call (540) 455-5489 to get started.