Frequently Asked           Questions

What should i expect during the consultation

Our estimator are highly experience and trained to guide you through the process step by step. A tipical consultation will take about 30 minutes to complete. Our home estimate interior or exterior will be a $250.00 charge, that later when we agree on price on estimate will be put towards the price and we will deducted from the price agree in your home stimate. When your estimator comes to meet with you, they will walk the project with you to gather all the information necessary to prepare your proposal. they will listen to your concerns, discuss your opinions, and offer you suggestions that will help youto create your perfect painting project. Once we've clarified all of the details of your project , your estimator will prepare and review your proposal with you that outlines all of the services to be perform, along with the prices for your project thats backed by our written iron-clad price guarantee; often times before they even leave your home.

How Many people work on your painting crew?

the size of our crew will vary depending of the scope of work to be completed. we typically utilize crews of 2-6 painting professionals to maximize productivity